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Hi friends, I'm Gaurav and I welcome you all to this Science and information channel, GetsetflySCIENCE! Are your wings all spread out and you ready to fly yet? Uh…. not literally, metaphorically! In today’s world knowledge and information is everything. Through this channel I aim to provide my viewers just that! We talk about all the amazing, mysterious, interesting and weird facts that may sound unbelievable but are scientific and strangely true. You can find a list of videos related to science, space, self-development, self-improvement, strange and interesting mysteries about our life, world and universe, human brain and psychology. We also educate about using mind and body hacks for a better life.
“Get Set Fly” is a lifestyle guys, that leads by the slogan “Knowledge is Enlightenment”. And we need you all wonderful people as members of this family! So SUBSCRIBE to be a part of us. Together we all will rock! :-)

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    Hey gaurav islam was present sinc man sat foot on earth, all other concpt are mutation nd deviation from islaam, Polythesm concpt ko aap kisi b dharam ke orgnl txt se sabit n krskte, evn hinduism ka valid or authntc concpt me bhi one god hi bataya gya or idol worship ka khandan kiya gya h but hamare bhai bawajood isk polthysm or moorti poja ko follow krte h jo ki hinduism k bhi khilaf he, Hamara ek creator h or wo hi sbka creator h or wo sirf ek he ye bat hamare natural instnct mehe jab tk aap use khud polute krke deny ni krdrte h Or polythsm sahi ho hi n skta qk qk ye aqal k bhi khilaaf he,

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    Lion is a gangster But Tiger is monster

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    App link is nor work

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    70k se 30k saal pehle luck se, at 5:20 Yeh believe karlengae..... Blind faith. What is the difference between this man n village dihatee... Read Bible 66books n find out the complete truth from genesis to Last day of planet 🌏.

  6. science station

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    बहुत सारे भारतीय वैज्ञानिकों ka योगदान है इस दुनिया को बदलने के लिए…और उन्होंने अपना काम साबित किया !!🤟 ।यह अच्छा है.......iam not say.....sir.. you are not interdouse for foreigners scientists.... They are giniuse sir ex- hawking Newtown etc.....but sir.....our nation wants and valuable to introdus the Indian scientists for our country people..इसलिए आप हमारे राष्ट्र वैज्ञानिकों की जानकारी के लिए ज्ञान दें ..... तो यह और अच्छी सोच है सर.......the people know about our nation scientists information........jai hind 🇮🇳🙏

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    Bhai ek vidio type of sociaty in india who thinks good and bad

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    kon kon smoking nhi karta hai like karo

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    Bhai hindu dharm ke bare me bhi to btao na

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    Aadatse majboor me.

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    Can anyone say me how old he is ? He is totally handsome 😍🥰😘 I have a huge crush on him


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    Oxytocin injection dete hai

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    Bhai company ki cow ko injection de ker machine se dud nikalte hai

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    Proud vegan

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    Bhai vedo pe video bnao

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    My optional is anthro

  18. General knowledge ft. A.P.

    General knowledge ft. A.P.ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    सादर प्रणाम |||| *मकर सक्रांति उत्सव* |||| *C A A गोष्ठी* कार्यक्रम होना सुनिश्चित हुआ है *दिनांक 18/01/2020*, *दिन शनिवार* *शायं **6:00* बजे *स्थान*-- *साकेत* *निलयम्* *साकेतपुरी*, *देवकाली बाईपास* *वक्ता*- *सह प्रान्त प्रचारक श्री मनोज जी* *भाई साहब* अध्यक्ष-- मेडिकल कालेज के प्रधानाचार्य डा विजय जी आलोक --कार्यक्रम के उपरांत सहभोज भी रहेगा शिवम महानगर सायं कार्यवाह अयोध्या जी

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    I accept it Because I am lossing my identity day by day😢

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    Lion will always will be the king and he can defeat tiger

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    Hello aor video bataho

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    Sir jo na mrta ha or na jnm leta ha voh hi sbse phle ha

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    Great video

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    Wo sab to thik h 😂 ye kehna kya chahta h 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    I have a addiction of getsetfly science

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    Sabse Pehle Islam Aaya Duniya Ke Sabse Pehle Insan Adam Ke Through Or Ye Pura Hua AaJ Se 1400 Saal Pehle Prophet Muhammad PBUH Ke Through

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    Channel ki aatama ko dekha hai mene

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    Vaia Hinduism ki baremei ku6 batao plzzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    I have a addiction of getsetfly science

  35. Shyam jee Soni

    Shyam jee Soni3 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I have a addiction of getsetfly science

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    Albert Einstein be black hole ka name nhi liya tha..unhone Jo kaha wo sahi h but unhone aisa object bataya tha na ki black hole

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    Mere hisaab se ladke jyada smart hote hain .

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    Ye black whole nhi h..yaar black whole hota hi nhi h

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    Bhai gravity ka discover India ne 2600 sal pehle ki ya he


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    Guys first I was Buddhism but slowly I shifted to sanatan Dharma (Hindu) there is a reason behind it. Guys I did research for every dharm and compare them to others, what I found is every dharm was created but the knowledge from bhagwat Gita was existed way before we human existed. So the overall fact is sanatan dharm is one and only which have many reasons and proof of existing comparing to others.

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    Vikash Kashyap have any attachments

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    I believe in God but not in religion


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    Hindu Dharma ka detail and Muslim ka v leke aaao

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    धर्म और मत ,मजहब,पंथ में अंतर पता करो । कभी किसी आर्य समाजी से मिलो ।

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    Hindu Dharma

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    Apne dharm ka failna to bata diya...Roman gods ko define kr diya...wo God aaye kaha se.... Video mein human history ka 98 percentage hissa gayb h....Insan 2lac.. sal se bhi jyda tym se dharti pr h... Aur historian hume ye nhi bata te ki jb insan 2 lac.. sal se dharti pr h to civilization 10000 sal pehle tk ka hi kyu h...

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    Sir my name is also gaurav pathak

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    गर्व से कहो हम हिन्दु है. जय श्रीराम ❣️

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    Waiting for episode 3, please as soon as possible,

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    Hahahahaha 1k Allah hain, Mohammed pubh messager hain... I lv ur vdeos, subscriber alsoo... Butt 1k Allah hain, after death malum parega baki...! Jabb takk khud aakh se kuch samatkar nhi dekh ta ttab tak koi nhi /anta kuch vi, koi ni.. Science hain kia, kuch vi nhi... Believe with prove called science.. *kavi aapne wife/gf ko without prove believe kia hain? Agar kiaaa he too Allah/God existing karta hain😇

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  100. Ajit Baraf

    Ajit Baraf14 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Bhai aap ek bar bible padhlo aapki galti samj main aa jayegi god bless you (baki general knowledge ke liye achi hai video) उस ने उत्तर दिया, कि तू प्रभु अपने परमेश्वर से अपने सारे मन और अपने सारे प्राण और अपनी सारी शक्ति और अपनी सारी बुद्धि के साथ प्रेम रख; और अपने पड़ोसी से अपने समान प्रेम रख।(लुका 10:27)