Intezaar - Official Video - Mithoon Ft. Arijit Singh & Asees Kaur | Sanaya & Gurmeet | New Song

VYRL Originals and Mohit Suri bring together Mithoon, Arijit Singh and Asees Kaur for the very first time for a non-film song - INTEZAAR.
INTEZAAR is composed and written by Mithoon and features Bollywood favourites Arijit Singh and Asees Kaur. The inspiration for the song comes from the yearning for one's love where you continue to live in hope, even after the relationship has ended. Arif Khan has directed this larger than life music video in which Sanaya Irani and Gurmeet Choudhary bring alive the ballad through their fabulous dance performance.
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►Audio Credits:
Song Written and Composed by Mithoon
Music arranged and produced by Mithoon
Vocals: Arijit Singh and Asees Kaur
Music Assistants:
Anugrah Sharma
Kaushal Gohil
Godswill Mergulhao
Eli Rodrigues
Drum Programming: Bobby Shrivastava
Guitars: Kalyan Baruah
Solo Violin: Jitu Thakur
Bass Guitar: Lemuel Mergulhao
Mixed and Mastered by Eric Pillai at Future Sound Of Bombay
Assistant Engineer: Michael Edwin Pillai
Song Recorded at:
Livingwater Studio
Emsquare Studios by
►Video Credits:
Starring: Mithoon, Gurmeet Choudhary, Sanaya Irani, Dishant Guliya
Director: Arif Khan
Production House: Udita Movies
Co-producer: Siddharth Atha
Director of Photography: Sanket Shah
Editor: Rohit Makwana
Associate director: Aanchal Sharma
Executive Producer: Deepak Jadhav
Assistant Directors: Rohan Sanctis, Rishi Anand
Production Designer: Shruti Angnihotri
Art Assistant: Meeta Kanwani
Choreographer : PavanBob
Assistant Choreographer: Saddam, Almas
Key Grip: Ravi Shah
Steadicam: Sandeep Shetty
Line producer: Gagandeep Singh
Costume Stylist: Yasmin
Hair and makeup: Yogesh
►Song Lyrics:
Phir kahin dil ne..
mehsoos kiya tha,
Ik dafa phir se..
zinda yeh hua tha,
Nazar jo aaya tu,
Toh jeena aaya,
Nazar se phir kyu tu,
Ghum ho gaya pal me hi...
Haan tera intezaar hai,
Kahan karaar hai,
Hai teri aas hi dil ko,
Haan beshumaar hai,
Bayaan karoon kaise,
Tera intezaar hai,
Tera intezaar hai,
Tera intezaar hai..
Na meri kami,
Na teri khataa,
Mohabbat mein dono
ne paayi sazaa.
Dil mein nahi,
Wafaayein thi kamm,
Magar waqt humpe na
tha meherbaan.
Kisi kahani mein,
Tu hoga mera,
Haan uss kahani me,
Milna mujhe phir kahin...
Haan tera intezaar hai,
Kahan karaar hai,
Hai teri aas hi dil ko,
Haan beshumaar hai,
Bayaan karoon kaise,
Tera intezaar hai,
Tera intezaar hai,
Tera intezaar hai..
Tera intezaar hai..
Tera intezaar hai,
Tera intezaar hai.
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