9 Smart Beauty Hacks to Feel Fabulous: Girly DIY Ideas

Believe it or not, putting on makeup has never been so easy! We’ll prove this with these easy and smart life hacks! Discover the best way to make your eyebrows symmetric and, in order to not ruin it in the shower, put on this DIY face protector! Discover how to make a long-lasting lipstick that will leave no stains and find an emergency hack for those unwanted pimples! Be sure to stay tuned for even more cool makeup tips and beauty hacks! Stay fabulous, folks!
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00:03 Makeup Protector in Shower
01:17 DIY Long-Lasting Lipstick
02:35 Symmetric Eyebrows
04:05 Get Rid of Pimples Fast
05:00 Sweet Nail Art
05:48 Easy EyeShadowing with a Soda Cap
07:20 Cool Nail Polish Art
08:50 Rainbow Eyeliner
10:05 Quick Eyebrow Fix
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