This time we prepared a collection of tricks for a boring evening! Spend your time with fun and entertain your friends with money tricks. These tricks are super easy and do not require any expensive tools. Practice a bit and you will be able to create an incredible magic show.
Do you want to prank your friends? You can prepare jelly worms to prank your friends! You will need flexible straws, milk, cocoa powder, and gelatin. Mix the ingredients and microwave. Fill up the glass with the straws, making sure the flexible part of the straw is closer to the bottom. Voila! Use white chocolate to create a lip balm that you can eat! Surprise your friends! The coolest experiment is coke and mentos trick. All you need to do is to drop Mentos candies into a coke bottle. You will get a fountain. It’s a cool way to prank your friends. Another way to prank your friends using avocado and deodorant. Take an empty stick deodorant container and clean it properly. Place inside mashed avocados and place them in the fridge. Start eating deodorant in front of your friends and check out his reaction.
You should always take care of your lips especially if it's cold outside. Check out how to make a delicious lip balm using vaseline, coconut oil, and coke.
00:09 Cool edible pranks
00:37 Avocado deodorant
00:58 Edible lip balm
04:22 Optical illusions
08:46 Mentos and coke prank
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